How to create a 7 figure affiliate website?

affiliate marketing website exam with income proof

How to choose a profitable niche?

Many beginners choose a super competitive niche to start affiliate marketing. Well, you can earn by competitive niche also, but you have to spend more money on advertisement.

What kind of affiliate marketing you can build?

There are hundreds of ideas to build an affiliate marketing website. These are three main to make a good income

  1. Product comparison website
  2. Product review website

Find low competitive keywords

Now it's time to find low competitive keywords with good volume. Keyword research is the critical part of SEO and many failed here.

  1. If someone is searching for the best vacuum cleaner under $400, then they are more likely to buy products

Now create contents that grab user attention and encourage CTR

Now create super compelling contents to help customers with the products. Make sure you are using an educational mindset and tone while writing content.

Reach for backlinks

Backlinks always matter for ranking on the #1 SERP. You can reach Niche-specific website owners for the guest posts.

searching google for guest posting

Use social media to reach more audience

Each platform has its own potential for growth. You can use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter to share your content and course audience to visit your website.

Final thought

Learn these topics also to upgrade your skill in marketing.

  1. How to double conversion on social media
  2. Website design principle



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